Mobile Crane Operator Certification Preparation

Online Nationally Accredited Crane Operator Certification Preparation

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Please note: Taking this course alone does NOT license you as a crane operator. You must pass the written and practical exams before you are licensed. However, those costs are not included in the price of this course. Additional fees will apply. 

These course materials are only the preparation for the written and practical exam; there are no graded exams here online. Practice questions only. 

You must schedule and pay for your written and practical exams with Chris. EIther email her at or call the office at 866-788-7600 to do so once you have completed the preparation course. 

You may review the course materials as many times as you wish before taking the exams. 

This mobile crane operator certification course is compliant with the most recent update of the OSHA standard Subpart CC – Cranes and Derricks in Construction and ASME B30.5.

Material covered in this course:

OSHA and ASME safety standardsCrane components recognitionCrane and load riggingLoad chartsCrane setupInspection proceduresHand signals